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Inverted Microscope Axio Vert.A1

Choose from all standard contrasting techniques, incl. DIC, to investigate cell cultures. Axio Vert.A1 produces brilliant images to answer any questions. Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside an incubator. Look into the very essence of your research while keeping the cell culture in its own protected environment.
  • Freedom to examine different specimens and large samples.
  • The 5 x encoded nosepiece turret recognises a change of objectives automatically.
  • Fast imaging with a wide range of objectives: appropriate magnification can be selected at all times.
  • Reproducible measuring and comparing.
  • A range of reticles and structure comparison disks is available for measuring and counting.
  • AxioVision Software by Carl Zeiss offers a powerful range of modules.
  • Eco mode for greater safety: Axio Vert.A1 automatically switches off whenever the microscope is not used for longer than 15 min (function can be switched off).
  • USB port.
  • The microscope will be using the standard protocols of the connected computer; no extra drivers needed.
  • Recommended cameras: AxioCam ERc 5s, AxioCam ICc 1, AxioCam ICc 3, AxioCam MRc, AxioCam MRm.
  • Recommended AxioVision modules: MosaiX (image acquisition scanning stage), graphite, grains, multiphase, NMI, particle, analyser projects, comparative diagrams, interactive measurement (image analysis).
  • Use in closed spaces.
  • Electrical safety acc. to DIN EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1) allowing for CSA and UL specifications.
  • Radio interference suppression acc. to EN 55011 Class B.
  • Interference immunity acc. to DIN EN 61326-1.

Fields of application:
Metallography / materialography, polymers, building materials / betonography, asbestos fibres.
Zeiss  Inverted Microscope Axio Vert.A1
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
With binocular tubeno camera connection14001646-on demand 
With binocular tubewith photo output14001647-on demand 
With binocular ergo tube and photo intermediate tubeviewing angle adjustable between 30 and 60°14001648-on demand 
With binocular ergo tube and photo intermediate tubeadditional phase contrast: fluorescence14001649-on demand