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LTF technik 

LTF Labortechnik
Intelli-Mixers RM-2

Combination of variable speed rotator and advanced multiple tube vortex in one machine. Vast selection of racks and operation regimes allow to accommodate the mixer for virtually any kind of mixing from gentle low speed hybridation up to strong test tube vortexing in a whole range of tubes. Superior performance and flexibility allows to mix almost any kind of laboratory samples of any density with amazing efficiency. It also allows to programme up to 3 personal custom regimes by user to ensure always the best up to date functionality. A perfect mixing-assistant in the diagnostical center, medicine, biology, chemistry and vast variety of different laboratories.
  • Incl. 'Vibro-Spin' western blot protocol: benefits from Ihe vibration function of the Intelli-Mixer and provides high sensitivity, specifily and fast processes.
  • Low need of reagents.
  • 3 models selection.
  • Easy to operate interface.
  • Supports whole range of test tubes from 0.5 to 50 ml.
  • Rotation speed range from 1 to 99 min-1.
  • 23 different programmes of rotation and vortexing.
  • 2 variable intensity vortexing programmes.
  • 3 additional custom programmes that could be created by user.
  • Specially designed blotting mode.
  • FLASH memory on-board for storing personal settings and saving new programmes.
  • Maintenance-free high performance stepper motor.
  • Standby low energy consumption mode SLEEP.
Technical Data:
Rotary speed:1 to 99 min-1
Step rotary speed:1 min-1
Operation mode:23
Ambient temperature:2 to 50 °C
Relative humidity (at 20 °C):to 80 %, DC in 12 V
Mains supply:1000 mA
LTF Labortechnik  Intelli-Mixers RM-2
LTF Labortechnik  Intelli-Mixers RM-2LTF Labortechnik  Intelli-Mixers RM-2    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Intelli-Mixer RM-2S*length 315 mm15729800-529.56Order
Intelli-Mixer RM-2M*length 340 mm15729801-535.81Order
Intelli-Mixer RM-2L*length 420 mm15729802-567.02Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor 6 x 30 mm tubes15729803-50.98Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor 8 x 30 mm tubes15729804-53.06Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor 14 x 16 mm tubes15729805-53.06Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor 22 x 13 mm tubes15729806-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor 26 x 11 mm tubes15729807-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2S mixedfor 11, 13, 16 and 30 mm tubes15729808-64.50Order
Rack for RM-2Sfor rocking platform15729809-82.19Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor 6 x 30 mm tubes15729810-50.98Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor 10 x 30 mm tubes15729811-53.06Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor 16 x 16 mm tubes15729812-53.06Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor 26 x 13 mm tubes15729813-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor 30 x 11 mm tubes15729814-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2M mixedfor 11, 13, 16 and 30 mm tubes15729815-64.50Order
Rack for RM-2Mfor rocking platform15729816-82.19Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor 12 x 30 mm tubes15729817-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor 14 x 30 mm tubes15729818-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor 22 x 16 mm tubes15729819-57.22Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor 38 x 13 mm tubes15729820-60.34Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor 42 x 11 mm tubes15729821-60.34Order
Rack for RM-2L mixedfor 11, 13, 16 and 30 mm tubes15729822-66.59Order
Rack for RM-2Lfor rocking platform15729823-82.19Order
* Intelli-Mixer only operate in combination with at least one rack.