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Accessories for Autoclaves HG 50 and HG 80

Stainless steel sterilising basket:
Electro polished wire mesh basket, dimensions Ø 330 x 230 mm.

Electropolished wire mesh basket with bottom:
Dimensions Ø 330 x 230 mm, with integrated reception dish.

Sterilising can, small, closed:
Sterilising can according to Konrich, Ø 240 x 240 mm, electro polished steel, textile filter in lid and bottom.

Sterilising can, medium, closed:
Sterilising can according to Konrich, Ø 290 x 240 mm, electro polished steel, textile filter in lid and bottom.
HMC  Accessories for Autoclaves HG 50 and HG 80
HMC  Accessories for Autoclaves HG 50 and HG 80HMC  Accessories for Autoclaves HG 50 and HG 80    
DescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
2-basket closed bottom, height 460 mmHG 50 / 8015438753-504.59Order
Can without holes, height 190 mmHG 50 / 8015438756-519.16Order
Can without holes, height 310 mmHG 50 / 8015438754-893.70Order
Can with holes, height 186 mmHG 50 / 8015438755-519.16Order
Basket, st. steelHG 50 / 8015731801-227.85Order
Basket closed bottomHG 50 / 8015731802-447.37Order
Interbottom for more levelsHG 50 / 8015438760-213.28Order
Loading basket, height 315 mmHG 8015438757-342.29Order
Basket, longHG 8015438758-478.58Order
3-basket closed bottomHG 8015438759-593.03Order
Sterilisation case, large 15438761-727.24Order
Sterilisation case, small 15731803-535.81Order
Sterilisation case, medium 15731804-665.86Order
Further accessories are available on request.