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Process Thermostats Integral XT

For fast and precise temperature control of external consumers in pilot plants. Characterised by extremely fast temperature changes which are founded in the low, internally thermostated heat transfer volumes. The powerful units in 3 housing sizes enable to control temperature in an extremely wide temperature range between - 90 and 220 °C. The units are available in air- or watercooled versions. The bath liquid circulates in the entire system, and does not come into direct contact with the ambient air. A non-thermostated expansion vessel is used for the volume compensation in the event of temperature changes.
  • No condensation of air humidity at low temperatures.
  • No odour nuisance at high temperatures.
  • Long service life of the bath liquid due to low evaporation or oxidation.
The variopump has 8 different power levels, which can be set on the display of the Command console in order to guarantee optimum perfusion for all connected external systems. Alternatively, for pressure-sensitive systems, such as glass apparatus, the variopump can be set to a maximum pressure which must not be exceeded. Large connection sizes minimise the internal pressure losses, and ensure fast heat transfer. Operation of the process thermostats is via the Command console, which is removable and can be used as a remote control. The easy menu-driven operation makes operation intuitive, and simplifies fast changes of the settings. An additional extension cable on the Command console enables operation of the device and process surveillance from a distance of up to 50 m. An opto-decoupled RS232 / 485 interface is integrated in the Command console as standard for connection to a PC.
  • High-resolution, backlight graphic LCD display for depicting the entire thermostating system, and with individually-adjustable surface.
  • Real-time clock combined with timer function.
  • Editable programmer for up to 150 segments in 5 programmes.
  • 9 pre-defined sets of parameters can be selected for the control.
  • Automatic filling and degasification program.
  • Menu-driven operation in German, English, French or Spanish.
  • SelfCheck assistant for automatic error recognition.
  • Error reports by means of bright LED light, acoustic alarm and clear text message.
  • Adjustable limit of the pump pressure.
  • Integrated external control with cascade connection.
  • Supply temperature limit for the gentle heating of the consumer.
  • Integrated connection for external Pt 100 sensor.
  • 8 different interface modules as accessories.
LAUDA  Process Thermostats Integral XT
± K
at 20 °C
max. bar
max. l / min
Filling volume
Mains supplyPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
XT 150- 45 to 2200. x 550 x 660230 / 5015856920-16,269.00Order
XT 280- 80 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429470-29,508.60Order
XT 550- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429471-26,591.40Order
XT 750- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1300400 / 3 / 5015856923-28,947.60Order
XT 750 S- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429472-29,508.60Order
XT 250 W- 45 to 2200. x 550 x 660230 / 5015856921-19,635.00Order
XT 280 W- 80 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429474-30,181.80Order
XT 350 W- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1285230 / 5015423903-24,459.60Order
XT 550 W- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429475-27,489.00Order
XT 950 W- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1300400 / 3 / 5015856925-31,528.20Order
XT 950 WS- 50 to 2200. x 550 x 1285400 / 3 / 5015429476-32,089.20Order
XT 1850 W- 50 to 2200.0510.418.55.8909.0700 x 550 x 1600400 / 3 / 5015856926-52,846.20Order
XT 1850 WS- 50 to 2200.316.018.55.8909.0460 x 550 x 1300400 / 3 / 5015423904-56,997.60Order
XT 490 W- 90 to 2200. x 550 x 1600400 / 3 / 5015422006-51,499.80Order
XT 1590 WS- 90 to 2200. x 550 x 1600400 / 3 / 5015429477-61,710.00Order