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Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Down to - 80 °C

This ultra-low temperature freezer is designed by PANASONIC to maintain internal temperature as low as - 80 ºC, at an ambient temperature of + 30 ºC. Ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories, in long-term preservation and storage of blood, specimens and components, and in testing of various types. One of these models is sure to be suitable for your needs.
Advanced features include a microprocessor temperature control system with digital temperature display, a platinum resistance sensor for extra precision and reliability, a power failure warning system with built-in audible and visible indicators, double-insulation polyurethane walls and easy-open / easy-close hinged door.
  • Super freezing capability below - 80 ºC:
Even in an ambient temperature of 35 ºC, ultra-low temperature of - 80 ºC can be maintained. This is made possible by means of a compact and super-efficient freezing circuit employing a miniature heat exchanger in combination with a mixed refrigerant freezing circuit.
  • Low-profile design for easier loading and unloading.
Technical Data:
Outer dimensions (W x D x H):MDF-594: 2010 x 770 x 1070 mm
MDF-194: 750 x 700 x 945 mm
Inner dimensions (W x D x H):MDF-594: 1280 x 500 x 762 mm
MDF-194: 480 x 430 x 420 mm
Effective capacity:MDF-594: 487 l
MDF-194: 86 l
Exterior cabinet and door:baked-on acrylic finish on galvanised steel
Interior cabinet:stainless steel (SUS-304)
Insulation:rigid polyurethane foamed-in place
Compressor:hermetic type
Temperature controller:microprocessor controller (digital display 1 ºC graduation)
Temperature display:digital thermometer (50 to - 100 ºC)
Sensor:platinum resistance thermo-sensor Pt 100
Alarm:rechargeable PANASONIC battery, buzzer, lamp, remote alarm contact
Weight:MDF-594: 310 kg
MDF-194: 121 kg
Cooling performance / control range:center part of freezing room - 86 ºC
ambient temperature - 20 to - 90 ºC
Rated power consumption:MDF-594: 940 / 970 W
MDF-194: 550 / 600 W
Panasonic  Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Down to - 80 °C
up to
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MDF-C8V1- 80 °C84550 x 685 x 945405 x 490 x 42515436993-on demand 
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