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SONOREX DIGITEC Modern High-Power Ultrasonic Baths

Housing made of st. steel, protected against spray, timer for countdown and continuous operation, 'H'-types with built-in heating 20 to 80 °C, degas function, optical signal in case of excess temperature.
  • Cleaning of technical glassware like burettes, pipettes, petri dishes and laboratory flasks.
  • Disinfection and cleaning at the same time.
  • Degassing of beer samples for analysis of alcohol contents, original worth, colour, pH value.
  • Degassing of food samples from cans for analysis of stannous contents.
  • Extraction of quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) of wood.
  • Extraction of herbs samples for determination of aflatoxines (causing mold decay on food).
  • Extraction of soil samples for determination of hydrocarbons.
  • Test method for freeze-thaw resistance of concrete: CDF test - through sonication, loosely adhering scaled particles are removed from surface.
  • 230 V~, 50 / 60 Hz, 115 V~, 50 / 60 Hz.
  • SweepTec®.
Bandelin  SONOREX DIGITEC Modern High-Power Ultrasonic Baths
Inside dimens.
(L x W x D)
Outside dimensions
(L x W x H)
Drain ball
Ultrasonic nominal output
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
DT 310.9190 x 85 x 60205 x 100 x 180 16040-1.815877172-379.75Order
DT 31 H0.9190 x 85 x 60205 x 100 x 180 16040701.915877173-433.85Order
DT 521.8150 x 140 x 100175 x 165 x 230 24060-2.615877174-546.21Order
DT 52 H1.8150 x 140 x 100175 x 165 x 230 240601402.915877175-696.03Order
DT 1003240 x 140 x 100260 x 160 x 250 32080-3.415877176-609.67Order
DT 100 H3240 x 140 x 100260 x 160 x 250 320801403.615877177-733.48Order
DT 102 H3240 x 140 x 100260 x 160 x 250G ¼4801201404.315877179-1,049.76Order
DT 103 H4240 x 140 x 150260 x 160 x 310G ¼5601402004.615877180-1,070.57Order
DT 1065.6Ø 240 x 130Ø 265 x 270G ¼480120-5.515877181-932.20Order
DT 1566500 x 140 x 100530 x 165 x 245G ¼640160-6.115877182-1,096.58Order
DT 156 BH9500 x 140 x 150530 x 165 x 300G ¼8602156007.315877183-1,477.37Order
DT 2555.5300 x 150 x 150325 x 175 x 295G ¼640160-5.215877184-990.46Order
DT 255 H5.5300 x 150 x 150325 x 175 x 295G ¼6401602805.315877185-1,204.78Order
DT 5109.7300 x 240 x 150325 x 265 x 305G ½640160-7.015877186-1,096.58Order
DT 510 H9.7300 x 240 x 150325 x 265 x 305G ½6401604007.615877187-1,349.40Order
DT 512 H13300 x 240 x 200325 x 265 x 350G ½8602154008.015877188-1,772.84Order
DT 51413.5325 x 300 x 150355 x 325 x 305G ½860215-8.215877189-1,573.08Order
DT 514 H13.5325 x 300 x 150355 x 325 x 305G ½8602156008.815877190-1,841.51Order
DT 514 BH18.7325 x 300 x 200355 x 325 x 385G ½8602156009.815877191-1,900.81Order
DT 1028 H28500 x 300 x 200535 x 325 x 400G ½1200300130014.715877194-2,479.27Order
DT 1028 CH45500 x 300 x 300540 x 340 x 500G ½1200300145023.715877195-3,158.65Order
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