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Micro-, Semi-Micro- and Analytical Balances - CPA Series

Standard laboratory balance for high reliability, accuracy of weighing results and quality.
  • Patented monolithic weigh cell technology - for excellent metrological specifications.
  • Built-in, motorised calibration weight.
  • Fully automatic calibration and adjustment function.
  • Rugged housing design optimised for durability.
  • High-contrast, backlit display (micro- and semi-microbalances without backlighting) - reliable, error-free readouts of weight values under any room lighting conditions; digit size 16.5 mm.
  • ISO / GLP-compliant recording / printouts - with all required identification; printouts generated by connecting the optional YDP03-0CE printer or records transmitted to an online PC.
  • Practical draft shield on all models with 0.01 and 0.1 mg readability; smooth-action, wide-opening doors; excellent cleanability and amply sized weighing chamber.
  • Draft shield with flexible opening options on the 1 mg models.
  • A wide selection of built-in application programmes come standard, e. g. weighing in percent, dynamic weighing / animal weighing.
  • Bidirectional RS232C interface.
Special features of microbalances:
CPA26P Model
  • Outstanding for applications in which heavy containers are used to weigh in lightweight samples.
  • A microbalance with a macro-sized weighing pan featuring a Ø of 50 mm; for worry-free positioning of large sample containers.
  • Draft shield doors with conductive coating to reduce the buildup of static electricity.
Sartorius  Micro-, Semi-Micro- and Analytical Balances - CPA Series
Weighing pan
PUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
CPA26Pmicrobalance0.002 / 0.015 / 21Ø 5015902127- on demand 
CPA225Dsemi-microbalance0.01 / 0.1100 / 220Ø 80*15902128- on demand 
CPA324Sanalytical balance0.1320Ø 80*15902129+ on demand 
* Triangular weighing pan shape. Ø = diameter of the inner circle.