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Bench Top Centrifuges ROTANTA 460 / 460 R / 460 RC / 460 RF

For sample processing in clinical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology and pharmaceutical industry, a wide selection of adapters is available to accommodate the most varied types of tubes. Developed for large volumes, the ROTANTA 460 models offer frequency drive, microprocessor control, impulse key for short centrifuging and powered lid locking. As necessary, a switch key enables entry / display of RPM (speed) or RCF. All versions of the ROTANTA 460 line feature the sophisticated C control panel. The C control panel provides 98 programmable memories.

Temperature in the refrigerated ROTANTA 460 R is controllable within a range of - 20 to + 40 °C. On request, model ROTANTA 460 R can also be supplied in heating / cooling version with a temperature range of - 20 to + 90 °C.

Model ROTANTA 460 is the air-cooled version.

Model ROTANTA 460 RC: underbench centrifuge, with cooling.

Model ROTANTA 460 RF: floorstanding centrifuge, with cooling.
Technical Data:
Max. RCF:24400
Max. RPM (speed):15000 min-1
Max. capacity:4 x 750 ml
Hettich  Bench Top Centrifuges ROTANTA 460 / 460 R / 460 RC / 460 RF
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ROTANTA 460 without rotor, air-cooled706 x 456 x 554 mm, approx. 101 kg15944220-on demand 
ROTANTA 460 R without rotor, with refrigeration706 x 456 x 770 mm, approx. 141 kg15944222-on demand 
ROTANTA 460 RC without rotor, with refrigeration697 x 683 x 554 mm, approx. 140 kg15430702-on demand 
ROTANTA 460 RF without rotor, with refrigeration697 x 961 x 554 mm, approx. 164 kg15430703-on demand 
Swing-out rotor4-place, for max. 4 x 750 ml, without carriers15944224-on demand 
Rectangular carrier 250 mlfitting into swing-out rotor 562415944225-on demand 
Lid with bio-containmentfor carrier 562515944226-on demand 
Adapter for 12 x 15 ml conical tubes with screw capfitting into carrier 562515944227-on demand 
Adapter for 5 x 50 ml conical tubes with screw capfitting into carrier 562515944228-on demand 
Rectangular carrier for platesfitting into swing-out rotor 562415944229-on demand 
Lid with bio-containmentfor carrier 562815944230-on demand 
Removal framefor carrier 562815944231-on demand 
Rolling cabinet for ROTANTA 460 Rfor use as a floorstanding centrifuge15944232-on demand 
A wide range of accessories and rotors are available on request.