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Bench Top Centrifuges ROTINA 420 / 420 R

The compact bench top centrifuge is designed for high sample throughput as well as for high sample volumes. With a max. capacity of 4 x 600 ml, 140 blood collection tubes or 16 microtitre plates it is ideal for applications in clinical chemistry, in biotechnology and in life science research facilities. With frequency drive, microprocessor control, impulse key for short centrifuging. The advanced C control panel significantly facilitates the daily laboratory routine. Parameter selection is done via the use of symbol keys. Values are set with the control knob, and recorded by pressing the Start key. Digital display. 98 programmable memories.
Technical Data:
Max. RCF:24400
Max. RPM (speed):15000 min-1
Max. capacity:4 x 600 ml
Dimensions (W x D x H):713 x 654 x 423 mm
Weight:approx. 107 kg
Temperature range:controllable, - 20 to + 40 °C
Hettich  Bench Top Centrifuges ROTINA 420 / 420 R
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ROTINA 420without rotor, without refrigeration15424027-on demand 
ROTINA 420 Rwithout rotor, with refrigeration15944250-on demand 
Adapter for 18 Monovettes 9 to 10 ml (16 x 92 mm)fitting into carrier 475015944253-on demand 
Falcon insert for 5 x 50 ml tubesfitting into carrier 475015424028-on demand 
Insert for 21 blood collection tubes (13 x 75 mm)fitting into carrier 475015424029-on demand 
Insert for 26 blood collection tubes (13 x 100 mm)fitting into carrier 475015424030-on demand 
A wide range of accessories and rotors are available on request.