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LTF technik 

LTF Labortechnik

Quality manfactured device for creating highly reproduceable, linear gradients for density-gravity centrifugation applications, for gel-electrophoresis and for column-chromatographity. Can be used with magnetic stirrers for mixing of phases. Equipped with a solid base for secure positioning. Available in 7 different models. The smaller devices are manufactured out of a solid acrylic block. Devices for bigger volumes are made of 3 parts (2 vessels, 1 base) All gradientmixers are equipped with a hose a fitting at the side and stop valves. The models MX 10, MX 20 and MX 40 bored holes for fitting to stativholder are available (optional).
LTF Labortechnik  Gradientmixers
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MX 102 x 1015926500-on demand 
MX 202 x 2015926501-311.08Order
MX 402 x 4015926502-on demand 
MX 1002 x 10015926503-on demand 
MX 5002 x 50015926504-on demand 
MX 10002 x 100015926505-on demand 
MX 20002 x 200015926506-on demand