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BOLA Sleeves / Standard Joint Sleeves

PTFE. For pushing over NS cones. Reusable. Sealing ribs on the outside of the sleeve seal without grease.
  • Sleeves: suitable for vacuum down to 0.1 mbar, with ribs.
  • Standard joint sleeves: with round grip, for high-vacuum sealing (leakage rate: < 1 x 10-4 x l x s-1).
BOLA Sleeves / Standard Joint Sleeves  Bohlender
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Standard joint sleeves14 / 230.2515011642+5.74Order
Standard joint sleeves19 / 260.2515011643-4.68Order
Standard joint sleeves24 / 290.2515011644-7.17Order
Standard joint sleeves29 / 320.2515011645+7.13Order
Standard joint sleeves45 / 400.2515011647-23.93Order
Standard joint sleeves60 / 460.2515011649-24.45Order
Sleeves7 / 160.15105011651-30.38Order
Sleeves10 / 190.15105011652-42.14Order
Sleeves12 / 210.15105011653-38.91Order
Sleeves14 / 230.15105011655+13.32Order
Sleeves19 / 260.15105011656-14.88Order
Sleeves24 / 290.15105011657-23.72Order
Sleeves29 / 320.15105011658+28.82Order
Sleeves45 / 400.1555011660-35.32Order
Sleeves60 / 460.1515011661-31.39Order
Sleeves71 / 510.1515011662-53.47Order
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