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Accessories for Microplates BRANDplates®

Sealing films, self-adhesive
In case microplates, PCR-plates or deep-well plates need not only to be covered, but also securely sealed, self-adhesive sealing films are available. These film sheets can be easily applied on the plates and removed also without the use of expensive equipment.
  • ELISA, PCR: - 40 to + 125 °C.
  • ELISA, real-time PCR: pressure-sensitive, suitable for real-time PCR measurements; - 40 to + 120 °C.
  • PCR, cold storage: - 80 to + 120 °C.
  • Storage, ELISA, PCR: : - 80 to + 120 °C.
  • Cell and tissue culture: popular for growing cells and microorganisms; - 20 to + 80 °C.
  • Automation: offers adhesive-free areas over the wells to avoid contaminations; Furthermore, it can be pierced easily with a pipette tip (for sample removal). - 40 to + 90 °C.
  • Fluorescence: - 40 to + 80 °C.
  • Luminescence: - 40 to + 80 °C.
Accessories for Microplates BRANDplates®  BRAND
Accessories for Microplates BRANDplates®  BRANDAccessories for Microplates BRANDplates®  BRAND    
TypeApplicationDescriptionMaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Sealing filmELISA, PCRsingle foil, allows visual inspectionPES1005420196-85.31Order
Sealing filmELISA, real-time PCRsingle foil, highly transparent, allows visual inspectionPES1005420197-123.56Order
Sealing filmcold storage, PCRsingle foil, easy to pierce with pipette tipsaluminium1005420199-89.85Order
Sealing filmstorage, ELISA, PCRsingle foil, DMSO-resistent, allows visual inspectionPP1005420200-68.49Order
Sealing filmcell and tissue culturesingle foil, gas-permeable, non-sterilerayon1005420201-69.94Order
Sealing filmcell and tissue culturesingle foil, gas-permeable, sterilerayon505420202-63.04Order
Sealing filmautomationsingle foil, PE top, underside PP with adhesivePE / PP505420203-121.78Order
Sealing filmautomationsingle foilvinyl1005445230-101.17Order
Sealing filmfluorescence measurementsingle foil, light-absorbent, blackvinyl505420204-43.62Order
Sealing filmluminescence measurementsingle foil, reflective, whitevinyl505420205-36.23Order
Sealing spatulaapply self-adhesive filmsto attach the film to the plate with a uniform pressurePE15195720-4.13Order
Cap toolsealing and openingcaps are sealed tightly and securely with the toolPA15193397-30.69Order
PCR box / rackfor 0.2 ml single tubesusable for 8- / 12-strips and 96-well PCR platesPP55409369-31.19Order
PCR mini coolerfor 0.2 ml single tubesusable for 8- / 12-strips and 96-well PCR platesPP15409368+41.81Order