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SONOSHAKE-SET Ultrasonic Bath With Shaking Device

Combination of ultrasonic bath SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F and shaking device SA 1028.
  • Total required floor space of SONOSHAKE: 850 x 360 mm.
  • SweepTec®.

  • Sonication of samples in laboratory flasks, fast degassing.
  • Flat ultrasonic bath with a st. steel tank.
  • Housing made of st. steel.
  • Outlet: ball valvue G ½.

Shaking device SA 1028:
  • Analogue setting of time and shaking frequency.
  • Reciprocating motion: settings in 4 steps possible of up to 200 H / min.
  • Constant amplitude of 20 mm independently of loading.
  • Rack easy to remove.
Technical Data:
Inner dimensions (L x W x D):500 x 300 x 65 mm
Protected against spray (L x W x H):535 x 325 x 205 mm
Ultrasonic peak output:1280 W
Ultrasonic output:320 W
Ultrasonic frequency:35 kHz
Current consumption:1.4 A
Shaking device SA 1028:
Floor space (L x W):approx. 410 x 280 mm
Mounting of flasks:36 x 10 ml or
36 x 25 ml or
18 x 50 ml or
12 x 100 ml
SONOSHAKE-SET Ultrasonic Bath With Shaking Device  Bandelin
SONOSHAKE-SET Ultrasonic Bath With Shaking Device  BandelinSONOSHAKE-SET Ultrasonic Bath With Shaking Device  Bandelin    
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SONOSHAKE-SET: ultrasonic bath DT 1028 F + shaking device SA 102815421956-4,113.12Order
Ultrasonic bath DT 1028 F15420445-1,930.72Order
Required spring clamps EK 10 to 250 for laboratory flasks order separately.
* Also attachable to existing ultrasonic bath DT 1028 F.