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LabHEAT® Electronic Laboratory Regulators KM-RX1000 Series
SAF Wärmetechnik

Freely configurable electronical temperature regulator with two displays indicating the desired and actual values, for temperatures up to 1200 °C. 1.5 m power supply (earthed) cable with plug.
  • Housing with fixed support clamp.
  • Ramp function and USB port for external configuration.
Technical Data:
Port:Pt100 or thermocouples
Connection of heating mantles:push socket with all-pole protection
Housing (H x W x D):75 x 205 x 140 mm
Max. switching power:2300 W
Nominal voltage:230 V AC
LabHEAT® Electronic Laboratory Regulators KM-RX1000 Series  SAF Wärmetechnik
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
KM-RX1001diode socketdiode socket15424577-358.20Order
KM-RX1003thermo socketclamps15424578-358.20Order