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Ultrasonic Baths Elmasonic P Line

Ultrasonic cleaning units in six different sizes. Digital displays, self-explanatory operation, clear indication of all parameters, set and actual values at a glance. Two different ultrasonic frequencies in one unit (frequency can be changed during operation):
  • 37 kHz: for coarse contaminations, for dissolving, blending, dispersing and degassing.
  • 80 kHz: noise-reduced operation, ideal for quiet work areas, prolonged ultrasonic cleaning cycle, perfect for the cleaning of hollow spaces, e. g. capillaries.
  • Elmasonic P 30 SE without drain duct.
Normal:standard operation mode for laboratory applications such as blending, dissolving, dispersing
Pulse:activatable power increase of approx. 20 % by inforcement of the peak performance
Sweep:for an even distribution of the power in the cleaning tank
Degas:for the quick degassing of HPLC samples or solvents
Power control:for sensitive surfaces the ultrasonic power can be reduced in preset steps
Technical Data:
Mains supply:220 to 240 V
Ultrasonic frequency:37 / 80
Drain duct:3/8" (except P 30 SE)
 Labor Animation
Ultrasonic Baths Elmasonic P Line  Elma
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
P 30 H2002.75240 x 137 x 100300 x 179 x 22115424628-873.00Order
P 30 SE2002.75240 x 137 x 100300 x 179 x 22115431872-873.00Order
P 60 H4005.75300 x 151 x 150365 x 186 x 27115424629-1,201.50Order
P 70 H6006.9505 x 137 x 100568 x 179 x 22115424630-1,269.00Order
P 120 H80012.75300 x 240 x 200365 x 278 x 32115424631-1,813.50Order
P 180 H80018.0327 x 300 x 200390 x 340 x 32115424632-1,993.50Order
P 300 H120028.0505 x 300 x 200568 x 340 x 32115424633-2,313.00Order
Additional pause feature and temperature-controlled start-up available on request.
Covers for Elmasonic / Elma
Immersion baskets for Elmasonic / Elma
Noise protection boxes for ultrasonic units / Elma