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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Delta Scientific 

Accessories for Fill-Master 421 Peristaltic Pumps Dosing System

TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Pipettefor 200 μl pipette tips15424662-on demand 
Pipettewith long shaft for 200 μl pipette tips15424663-on demand 
Pipettefor 1000 μl pipette tips15424664-on demand 
Pipettewith long shaft for 1000 μl pipette tips15424665-on demand 
Pipettefor 5 ml pipette tips15424666-on demand 
Pipette8 channel15424667-on demand 
Fill-Master Minirobotwith 8 channel dispenser head, filling of 96 / 384 well plates15424668-on demand 
Foot panelfor Fill-Master15424669-on demand 
Foot panelfor Minirobot15424670-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 0.3 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424671-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 0.5 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424672-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 1 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424673-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 2 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424674-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 4 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424675-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 6 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424676-on demand 
Pump tubinginner-Ø 8 mm, wall 1.6 mm, 5 m length55424677-on demand 
Filling needlefor 0.5 and 1 mm tubing15424678-on demand 
Filling needlefor 2 mm tubing15424679-on demand 
Filling needlefor 4 mm tubing15424680-on demand 
Filling needlefor 6 mm tubing15424681-on demand 
Filling needlefor 8 mm tubing15424682-on demand 
Suction needlefor 0.5 and 1 mm tubing15424683-on demand 
Suction needlefor 2 mm tubing15424684-on demand 
Suction needlefor 4 mm tubing15424685-on demand 
Suction needlefor 6 mm tubing15424686-on demand 
Suction needlefor 8 mm tubing15424687-on demand