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Heating Thermostats with Transparent Bath and Control Head ECO Silver or ECO Gold

Thermostats with baths made of PC are suitable for the temperature range from 20 up to 100 °C. They have a filling volume from 5 to 20 l. All devices are equipped with a cooling coil as standard. A pump set is available as an accessory.
Technical Data:
Working temperature range:20 to 100 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.01 K
LAUDA  Heating Thermostats with Transparent Bath and Control Head ECO Silver or ECO Gold
TypeBath capacity
opening / depth
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ET 6 S5 to 6130 x 285 / 1602.015423917-1,974.72Order
ET 12 S9.5 to 12300 x 175 / 1602.015423918-2,311.32Order
ET 15 S13.5 to 15275 x 130 / 3102.015423919-2,333.76Order
ET 20 S15 to 20300 x 350 / 1602.015423920-2,333.76Order
ET 6 G5 to 6130 x 285 / 1602.615423921-2,479.62Order
ET 12 G9.5 to 12300 x 175 / 1602.615423922-2,816.22Order
ET 15 G13.5 to 15275 x 130 / 3102.615423923-2,838.66Order
ET 20 G15 to 20300 x 350 / 1602.615423924-2,838.66Order
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