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VISCOJET® Impellers

Powerful stirring.

System for allmost all mixing tasks for low to high viscosity media.
  • Patented cone-principle creates even at low speeds a turbulent flow.
  • Even with high-viscosity media and gels which naturally do not mix by using common impellers, an immediate flow through the entire beaker can be observed.
  • The technology allows for degassing of gels while preventing air-intake and foaming.
  • Reduced process times, very good mixing results.
  • Length: 500 mm.
  • Shaft Ø: 10 mm.
 inoJET® Application Video
VISCOJET® Impellers  Heidolph
VISCOJET® Impellers  HeidolphVISCOJET® Impellers  Heidolph    
MaterialSpeed range
vessel Ø
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
60st. steel AISI 316Cb200 to 80080 to 15015424914-315.61Order
80st. steel AISI 316Cb200 to 700115 to 20015424915-374.27Order
80impeller: POM, hub: brass, shaft: polyamide coated200 to 700115 to 20015424916-54.53Order
120stainless steel AISI 316Cb120 to 500170 to 30015424917-408.14Order
120impeller: POM, hub: brass, shaft: polyamide coated120 to 500170 to 30015424918+66.92Order
80st. steel AISI 316T200 to 700155 to 20015439718-539.51Order
120st. steel AISI 316T120 to 500170 to 30015439719-619.65Order