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Binocular Microscopes AxioLab.A1

  • Microscope stand Axio Lab.A1 HAL 35.
  • Objective revolver 5 x brightfield, M27.
  • Installation mains supply 12 V DC 50 W, stabilised 100 to 240 V AC / 50 to 60 Hz / 110 VA.
  • Transmitted light with halogen refractor lamp 12 V 35 W, LED optionally.
  • Table- and condenser carrier.
  • Country specific mains cable.
  • Object holder for one-hand operation with spring lever left-hand.
  • Constrast-cumulative blue filter, Ø 32 x 2 mm.
  • Dust cover.
  • Eyepiece E-PL 10 x / 20 Br. foc.
  • Eyecup.

Binocular microscope Axio Lab.A1 for transmitted light brightfield:
  • 5 x H, XY table R.
  • XY table 75 x 30 R with hard anodised coating, tabletop 210 x 145 mm, lower hidden X-guiding, right-hand drive 135 mm (15 mm extensible) with friction setting.
  • Binocular tube 30° / 20, inverted picture.
  • Optical facilities: objective A-Plan 5 x / 0.12 M27, A-Plan 10 x / 0.25 M27, A-Plan 40 x / 0.65 M27, condenser 0.9 / 1.25 H.

Binocular microscope Axio Lab.A1 with photo tube for transmitted light brightfield and phase contrast:
  • 5 x H, XY table R.
  • XY table 75 x 30 R with hard anodised coating, tabletop 210 x 145 mm, lower hidden X-guiding, right-hand drive 135 mm (15 mm extensible) with friction setting.
  • Interference broadband filter green, Ø 32 x 4.
  • Binocular photo tube 30° / 20 (50:50), inverted picture.
  • Optical facilities: objective A-Plan 10 x / 0.25 M27, A-Plan 40 x / 0.65 Ph2 M27, A-Plan 100 x / 1.25 Oil M27, dioptre Ø 30 mm, condenser 0.9 / 1.25 H, D, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3.

Binocular microscope Axio Lab.A1 with photo tube for LED vertical illuminator fluorescence combined with transmitted light brightfield and phase contrast:
  • FL-LED, 5 x H.
  • Vertical illuminator FL-LED with reflector revolver 4-fold for P & C modules
and capacity 2-fold for LED modules.
  • Interference broadband filter green, Ø 32 x 4.
  • XY table 75 x 30 R with hard anodised coating.
  • Binocular photo tube 30° / 23 (100:0 / 0:100), inverted picture.
  • Fluorescence device for incident light, LED module 365 nm / 470 nm.
  • Set of filters 01 and 09 shift free.
  • Reflector module FL EC P & C.
  • Optical facilities: objective A-Plan 10 x / 0.25 M27, A-Plan 40 x / 0.65 Ph2 M27, A-Plan 100 x / 1.25 Oil M27, dioptre Ø 30 mm, condenser 0.9 / 1.25 H, D, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3.
Zeiss  Binocular Microscopes AxioLab.A1
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Axio Lab.A1for transmitted light brightfield14001504-on demand 
Axio Lab.A1 with photo tubefor transmitted light brightfield and phase contrast14001505-on demand 
Axio Lab.A1 with photo tubef. LED vertical illum. fluorescence, transm. light, phase contr.14001506-on demand 
Accessories for binocular microscopes AxioLab.A1 / Zeiss, Göttingen