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Binocular Microscopes Axio Lab.A1

Safety and TÜV-approved ergonomics - for efficient days in the lab.

This compact microscope always works reliably and cost-effectively, offering the highest performance. You can use all of the common contrasting techniques: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. You can enjoy intuitive imaging with the free software ZEN lite.

A particular bonus for long-term users is the TÜV-certified ergonomic stand. This means that you can see your specimens from a comfortable viewing height and your neck and shoulder muscles will stay relaxed - even when you spend long days in the lab.

Configured to your requirements

  • Axio Lab.A1 (transmitted light).
  • Axio Lab.A1 (transmitted light, fluorescent reflected light).
  • Axio Lab.A1 (TÜV-certified ergonomics).

Contrasting techniques
Brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, simple polarisation, LED fluorescence.

Transmitted light: HAL 35 (halogen, integrated), LED transmitted light, LED fluorescent reflected light.

Push-and-click module with matching fluorescence filter sets, stages for left- and right-hand operation, sample holders, binocular tubes with various viewing angles, camera tubes, multidiscussion equipment, transport case.

Simpler. More intelligent. More integrated.
Axio Lab.A1 was developed and designed together with occupational physicians and TÜV Rheinland. You get an especially ergonomic configuration that is TÜV-certified as checked for ergonomics ('Ergonomie geprüft').

You always use this microscope from the best viewing position, so your neck and shoulder muscles stay relaxed. The viewing height of your Axio Lab.A1 can be individually adjusted: you set the tube viewing height and angle to what is suitable for your body.

LED fluorescence is safe, energy-efficient and easy to use. You neither have to wait for lamps to heat up or cool down, nor do you have to replace or adjust them.

You can equip your Axio Lab.A1 with various condensers, such as a five-way Abbe revolving condenser with darkfield as well as Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3.

With the multidiscussion equipment, up to three colleagues can see the same image.

Created for your applications
With Axio Lab.A1, it is particularly easy for you to count white blood cells in brightfield, as you can reach all of the essential controls with one hand.

In darkfield, you can recognise uncolored structures at a glance.

Using polarisation contrast, you can detect birefringent crystals, for example when visualising gout.

Using fluorescence contrast, you can examine heparinised blood for cytogenetic (chromosome analysis) and molecular cytogenetic investigations.

In the laboratory, you can analyse body fluids, tissues and excretions. You can do hematological analyses on the cell morphology of blood and tissue cells and can do hemostasis analyses for bleeding tendency or thrombophilia.

You want to configure your individual device? Just contact us, we are happy to help!

Zeiss  Binocular Microscopes Axio Lab.A1
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Axio Lab.A1for transmitted light brightfield14001504-on demand 
Axio Lab.A1 with photo tubefor transmitted light brightfield and phase contrast14001505-on demand 
Axio Lab.A1 with photo tubef. LED vertical illum. fluorescence, transm. light, phase contr.14001506-on demand 
Accessories for binocular microscopes AxioLab.A1 / Zeiss, Göttingen