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Accessories for Binocular Microscopes AxioLab.A1

Central part main observer for Axio Scope.A1 / Axio Lab.A1:
  • For tube carrier bright, left-hand or tube carrier multi-discussion for 2 tubes, straight ending LR.
  • LED light pointer reflection can be dimmed, changeable for 3 colours (red, green, white).
  • Wide-area voltage mains supply for mains voltages from 90 to 264 V AC with country specific adapter.
  • Dust cover.
  • Suited for a field of vision of up to 23 mm.

Tube carrier:
Needed for co-observers to the central part. Tube carrier for 1 co-observer, bright, ending left-hand.

Binocular tubes:
Tubes which can be used at the tube carriers for co-observers. 30° / 23, inverted picture or 20° / 23, straight picture.

Inner plate:
For usage of co-observer device at the microscope stands.
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Central part main observer14001507-on demand 
Tube carrier14001508-on demand 
Binocular tube 30° / 23, inverted picture14001509-on demand 
Binocular tube 20° / 23, straight picture14001510-on demand 
Inner plate14001511-on demand 
Compensating plate14001512-on demand