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DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Test Tubes

Autoclavable. With beaded or straight rim. Thick walled for improved mechanical strength. Borosilicate 3.3 glass. USP glass type.
DWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Test Tubes
DWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Test TubesDWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Test Tubes    
Ø x
Wall thickness
Beaded rimVolume
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
8 x 700.8 to 1.0yes21005190101-35.36Order
10 x 750.8 to 1.0yes41005190103-38.27Order
10 x 1000.8 to 1.0yes51005190106-39.96Order
12 x 750.8 to 1.0yes61005190108-41.74Order
12 x 1000.8 to 1.0yes81005190111-44.79Order
13 x 1000.8 to 1.0yes91005427077-52.34Order
14 x 1300.8 to 1.0yes161005190113-57.36Order
16 x 1300.8 to 1.0yes171005190116-67.50Order
16 x 1601.0 to 1.2yes211005190121-68.54Order
18 x 1801.0 to 1.2yes321005190123+78.99Order
20 x 1501.0 to 1.2yes341005190126-82.66Order
20 x 1801.0 to 1.2yes401005190128-92.13Order
25 x 1501.0 to 1.2yes55505190133-62.28Order
25 x 2001.0 to 1.2yes70505190136-65.41Order
30 x 2001.0 to 1.4yes100505190138-103.07Order
8 x 700.8 to 1.0no21005190151-35.36Order
10 x 750.8 to 1.0no41005190153-38.27Order
10 x 1000.8 to 1.0no51005190156+39.99Order
12 x 750.8 to 1.0no61005190158+41.74Order
12 x 1000.8 to 1.0no81005190161-44.79Order
13 x 1000.8 to 1.0no91005427078-52.34Order
16 x 1301.0 to 1.2no171005190166-67.50Order
16 x 1601.0 to 1.2no211005190171-68.54Order
18 x 1801.0 to 1.2no321005190173+81.38Order
20 x 1501.0 to 1.2no341005190176-82.67Order
20 x 1801.0 to 1.2no401005190178-92.10Order
25 x 1501.0 to 1.2no55505190183-62.28Order
25 x 2001.0 to 1.2no70505190186-65.41Order
30 x 2001.0 to 1.4no100505190188-103.07Order
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