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Ion-Selective Electrodes perfectION™

Single-rod complete system for measurements of ion concentrations.
  • Robust design, simple maintenance, long-living.
  • Click and Clear™: flushing of diaphragm via pressure assures stable, drift-free measurement values.
  • Easy change of electrolyte.
  • Electrolytes are matched with the measurements, highly precise calibration standards and ISA solutions.
  • Detailed documentation / application instructions.

Items supplied:
Electrode with BNC fixed cable (Lemo plug optionally), reference electrolyte (60 ml), abrasive paper (only solid state membranes), detailed description.
Ion-Selective Electrodes perfectION™  METTLER TOLEDO
Ion-Selective Electrodes perfectION™  METTLER TOLEDOIon-Selective Electrodes perfectION™  METTLER TOLEDO    
mol / l
Temperature range
pH rangeMembranePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Electrode Ag+ / S2-10-7 to 10 to 802 to 12solid state15425322-958.50Order
Electrode Ca2+5 * 10-7 to 10 to 402.5 to 11polymere matrix15425323-958.50Order
Replacement membrane module Ca2+    15425324-259.20Order
comb Cl-5 * 10-5 to 10 to 802 to 12solid state15425325+873.00Order
comb CN-8 * 10-6 to 10-20 to 8010 to 14solid state15425326-873.00Order
comb Cu2+10-8 to 0.10 to 802 to 12solid state15425327-958.50Order
comb F-10-6 saturated0 to 804.5 to 5.5solid state15425328-873.00Order
comb I-5 * 10-8 to 10 to 800 to 12solid state15425329-873.00Order
Electrode K+10-60 to 402.5 to 11polymere matrix15425330-958.50Order
Replacement membrane module K+    15425331-253.80Order
comb Na+10-7 to 10 to 808 to 11Na+ glass15425332-429.30Order
comb NO3-7 * 10-6 to 10 to 402.5 to 11polymere matrix15425333-958.50Order
Replacement membrane module NO3-    15425334-259.20Order
comb Pb2+10-6 to 0.10 to 804 to 7solid state15425335-958.50Order
ISA solution and ion standard can be found in the OMNILAB e-Shop.
Solutions for perfectION electrodes / Mettler Toledo