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Solutions for perfectION™ Electrodes

Single-rod complete system for measurements of ion concentrations. Perfectly matched with the peperfectION™ electrodes.
METTLER TOLEDO  Solutions for perfectION™ Electrodes
TypeForContainerPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ISA solution 1ion / electrode Ag+, Cl-, Cu2+, I-475 ml15425336-91.97Order
ISA solution 2ion / electrode Ca2+475 ml15425337-116.52Order
ISA solution 3ion / electrode K+475 ml15425338-118.61Order
ISA solution 4ion / electrode NO3-475 ml15425339-95.09Order
ISA solution 5ion / electrode F-475 ml15425340-150.86Order
Calibration- / ion standard 10 mg / lion / electrode F-500 ml15437157-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 100 mg / lion / electrode F-500 ml15437156-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode F-500 ml15425346-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 10 mg / lion / electrode Cl-500 ml15437159-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 100 mg / lion / electrode Cl-500 ml15437158-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Cl-500 ml15425343-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 10 mg / lion / electrode Ca2+500 ml15437161-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 100 mg / lion / electrode Ca2+500 ml15437160-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Ca2+500 ml15425342-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 10 mg / lion / electrode Na+500 ml15437163-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 100 mg / lion / electrode Na+500 ml15437162-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Na+500 ml15425349-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 100 mg / lion / electrode NH4+500 ml15437165-95.09Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode NH4+500 ml15437164-98.32Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Ag+500 ml15425341-112.36Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode CN-500 ml15425344-112.36Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Cu2+500 ml15425345-112.36Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode I-500 ml15425347-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode K+500 ml15425348-86.67Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode Pb2+500 ml15425351-112.36Order
Calibration- / ion standard 1000 mg / lion / electrode S2-500 ml15425352-86.67Order
Electrolyte Aion / electrode Ca2+, F-, S2-5 x 60 ml55425353-113.40Order
Electrolyte Bion / electrode Cl-, CN-, Pb2+, Ag+ / S2-5 x 60 ml55425354-114.44Order
Electrolyte Cion / electrode Ag+5 x 60 ml55425355-158.14Order
Electrolyte Dion / electrode Cu2+, I-5 x 60 ml55425356-114.44Order
Electrolyte Eion / electrode K+5 x 60 ml55425357-116.52Order
Electrolyte Fion / electrode NO3-5 x 60 ml55425358-114.44Order