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DWK Life Sciences
Screw Cap System GL 45 with Hose Connections

Screw cap system with hose connections especially for connecting soft, elastic tubings. E. g. used in biotechnology for media transfer with the aid of peristaltic pumps. Bent hose connections avoid a deviation of the tubing. The grey PP core is flexible and allows for a change of vessel without twisting of the fixed tubings.
  • Safe, sterile transfer of fluid media within a closed system.
  • Screw cap is based on standardised GL 45 thread.
  • For tubings with Ø 6 to 9 mm.
  • 2 hose connections made of PP, bent hose connections on the upper side, straight hose connections underside.
  • Optional syringe filter head for sterile pressure venting.
  • Temperature resistant up to + 140 °C.
  • Autoclavable, dishwasher proof.
DWK Life Sciences  Screw Cap System GL 45 with Hose Connections
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Screw cap GL 45 with two hose connections and EPDM O-ring sealing25438644+47.78Order