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Accessories for Flame100 Safety Bunsen Burner

WLD-TEC  Accessories for Flame100 Safety Bunsen Burner
DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
External IR-motion sensorfor touch-free flame activation15425483-91.14Order
Traymade of stainless steel15420530-27.20Order
Windshieldmade of stainless steel15425485-24.74Order
Adapter 360for gas cartridges CV 36015425486-91.14Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulator and DVGW-tubing (0.5 m)for gas cartridges CP 25015425487-154.33Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulator and DVGW-tubing (0.5 m)for gas cartridges CG175015425488-76.90Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulator and DVGW-tubing (0.5 m)for gas cartridges CV 30015425489-116.74Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulator and DVGW-tubing (0.5 m)for gas cartridges CV 47015018764-116.74Order
Tilt adjustmentmade of stainless steel15425491-29.02Order
Spray and wax protectorwith stainless steel base and glass cylinder15425492-38.66Order
Spray and wax protectorwith stainless steel base, without glass cylinder15425493-25.92Order