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DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / Screw Connections

Made of PBT, red, with PTFE-protected silicone-seals. Temperature resistant up to + 180 °C. Autoclavable / sterilisable.
DWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / Screw Connections
DWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / Screw ConnectionsDWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / Screw ConnectionsDWK Life Sciences  DURAN® Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / Screw Connections   
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
14  105209014+18.10Order
18  105209018+20.91Order
25  105209025+26.11Order
32  15209032+3.95Order
45  15209045+5.99Order
32  105209086+11.86Order
45  15209088+1.30Order
14with aperture9.515209114+1.33Order
18with aperture1115209118+1.45Order
25with aperture1515209125+1.79Order
32with aperture2015209132+2.10Order
45with aperture3415209135+3.62Order