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DWK Life Sciences
DG Microscope Slides

  • Produced from high quality float glass (soda-lime glass) of hydrolytic class 3.
  • Virtually free from surface defects, inclusions, streaks and bubbles.
  • Microscope slide in standard dimensions 26 x 76 mm (corresponding to ISO 8037/ 1).
  • Planarity and thickness distribution remain within very tight tolerance ranges and are therefore ideally suited to microscopy applications (readjustment of the microscope is not necessary).
  • Glass thickness 1.0 mm (± 0.05 mm).
  • The edges of the glass slides are uniform and crystal clear.
  • Risk of breaking along the edges is reduced and glass splinters are thus prevented.
  • Very uniform wettability.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Version with frosted end: for labelling, alternatively coloured label fields.
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DWK Life Sciences  DG Microscope Slides
DWK Life Sciences  DG Microscope SlidesDWK Life Sciences  DG Microscope Slides    
DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Microscope slides, cut edges-15005425505-65.23Order
Microscope slides, cut edgesfrosted end15005425506-89.58Order
Microscope slides, ground edges 45°-15005425507-142.33Order
Microscope slides, ground edges 45°frosted end15005425508-171.98Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°blue15005425509-138.74Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°white15005425510-135.93Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°yellow15005425511-137.33Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°rounded corners, white PRINT15005425512-206.78Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°adhesive with standard coating, white15005425513-376.26Order
Coloured microscope slides, ground edges 90°adhesive ++ with top quality coating, white15005425514-638.44Order