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Combs for multiSUB Choice

Colour coded combs:
  • Black: 0.75 mm for ultra resolved bands.
  • White: 1 mm, standard combs.
  • Red: 1.5 mm for maximising sample volumes.
  • Blue: 2 mm for maximising sample volumes.
Options for sample preperation and multi-channel pipette compatibility (indicated by 'MC' in the description). The number of samples can be maximised using high tooth number combs.
Sample volume for
5 mm thick gel
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
10 sample0.753415425560-on demand 
12 sample0.753015425561-on demand 
16 sample, MC0.751615425562-on demand 
20 sample0.75715425563-on demand 
10 sample, MC0.752215425564-on demand 
14 sample, MC0.752215425565-on demand 
18 sample, MC0.752015425566-on demand 
28 sample, MC0.75815425567-on demand 
30 sample, MC0.75815425568-on demand 
35 sample0.75915425569-on demand 
10 sample1.04515425570-on demand 
12 sample1.04115425571-on demand 
16 sample, MC1.02115425572-on demand 
20 sample1.01015425573-on demand 
10 sample, MC1.02915425574-on demand 
14 sample, MC1.02915425575-on demand 
18 sample, MC1.02715425576-on demand 
28 sample, MC1.01115425577-on demand 
30 sample, MC1.01115425578-on demand 
35 sample1.01315425579-on demand 
10 sample1.56815425580-on demand 
12 sample1.56115425581-on demand 
16 sample, MC1.53215425582-on demand 
20 sample1.51515425583-on demand 
10 sample, MC1.54415425584-on demand 
14 sample, MC1.54415425585-on demand 
18 sample, MC1.54115425586-on demand 
28 sample, MC1.51715425587-on demand 
30 sample, MC1.51715425588-on demand 
35 sample1.51915425589-on demand 
10 sample2.09015425590-on demand 
12 sample2.08115425591-on demand 
16 sample, MC2.04315425592-on demand