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Schweizer Optik 

Schweizer Optik
LED Magnifier Lamp Tech-Line

  • Suitable for the use in a factory.
  • High quality, aplanatic silicate glass optics.
  • In the low magnification range, biconvex optics / bifocals.
  • Very scratch-resistant.
  • Silver coating, coated with a special 2-component-coating: resistant to hand perspiration and nearly all solvents / chemicals, very hard and plane surface, scartch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and extremely long-life high-performance LEDs (light colour approx. 6000 K). For variants not dependent on main power delivery incl. high-quality alkaline-manganese batteries.
Integral LED lighting with 3 or 6 x 1 W power LEDs for bright and very high contrast lighting of the observation area, combined with a min. of power consumption and a service life of up to 25000 h of light. Tilting the head of the magnifying glass allows for slanted lighting; the shadow caused by this is very helpful when checking for cracks / tears.
  • Coated aluminium arm in 2 parts with adjustable plastic joints and spring-compensating mechanical components (work radius of approx. 1 m).
  • 1.75 x magnification.
  • Lens: plano-convex / glass.
  • Lens Ø: 202 mm.
  • High-contrast, scratch-resistant optics with a very high sharpness.
  • Magnifier head: scratch-resistant glass lens open to the front allows for a very comfortable work posture as the field of vision is not limited by the edge of the magnifier head, easy to position objects to be viewed underneath the lens as they can be seen clearly past it (peripheral orientation).
Schweizer Optik  LED Magnifier Lamp Tech-Line
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
LED magnifier lamp1.75 x magnification, Ø 202 mm, lens plano-convex / glass15425653-on demand