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Schweizer Optik 

Schweizer Optik
Measuring Set Tech-Line

Checking and measuring from 8 to 60 x. Delivery in handy carrying case.

Tech-Line Fix-Focus stand magnifier:
Ideal for planar inspections: as a simple stand magnifier or combined with a duo-scale as a measuring magnifier. Ergonomic and immediately in the right position.

Tech-Line Vario-Focus stand magnifier:
The alternative with the focusable lens system can be combined with any duo-scale you require.

Tech-Line Vario-Focus Zoom pocket microscope:
Sits like a pen in your hand: sturdy metal housing combined with premium optics for quick inspection in any situation.
  • 3 different magnifications (40, 50, 60 x) in one.
  • Fine focusing possible using the rotating ring.
  • Dioptre compensation up to ± 4 dpt.

Tech-Line LED illumination unit:
For Tech-Line stand magnifiers and stand adapter, when the surrounding lighting is not sufficient. Bright and high-contrast lighting using high-performance LEDs. Particularly recommended for the Tech-Line pocket microscope.

Tech-Line stand adapter for pocket microscope:
Ensures that the pocket microscope is securely positioned above the object, thus preventing the inspected object shaking, as it is the case with handheld use.
Schweizer Optik  Measuring Set Tech-Line
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