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Accessories for C3 Advance Autoclaves

Kleinfeld  Accessories for C3 Advance Autoclaves
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Strainer vessel15425676-on demand 
2 half size clip trays25425677-on demand 
12 half size clip trays125425678-on demand 
Dental tray, 282 x 188 mm, st. steel15425679-on demand 
Pouch tray, 258 x 182 mm, st. steel, for 16 l autoclaves15425680-on demand 
Pouch tray, 398 x 177 mm, st. steel, for 22 l autoclaves15425681-on demand 
Tray colour indicators, 2 x 4 colours15425682-on demand 
Instrument tray / rack carrier15425683-on demand 
Instrument tray / rack carrier, 3 trays15425684-on demand 
Lifter for Instrument tray / rack carrier15425685-on demand 
TST sterilising indicator strips505425686-on demand 
Bowie Dick test pack15425687-on demand 
Air filter, 500 circles15425688-on demand 
Autoclave cleaning solution, 1 l15425689-on demand 
Autoclave cleaning kit*15425690-on demand 
Paper roll for internal printer15425691-on demand 
Printer ribbon15425692-on demand 
10 x paper rolls105425693-on demand 
* Autoclave cleaning kit incl. sealing gasket, 1 l cleaning solution, 1 cleaning cloth, scouring pad, dome nuts and O-rings.