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Heathrow Scientific 

Heathrow Scientific
Colony Counter eCount

Ideal for rapid, accurate counts. eCount combines a multi-function electronic counter with a Sharpie® pen for marking to prevent missing or double-counting colonies.
  • Light, ergonomie body is balance for easy manipulation.
  • Select between an audible beep or an LED flash to acknowledge count.
  • Store up to 32 separate counts and display the total of all counts.
  • Count up / down verification.
  • Quick and easy to change between different colored markers (sold separately) to check different colony counts in the same view.
  • Lock counter off to allow use of marker without registering more counts.
  • Package incl. eCount, black marker pen, 3 V CR1225 battery and weighted stand.
  • Thumb button which allows you to use the eCount as a digital tally as well.
Heathrow Scientific  Colony Counter eCount
Heathrow Scientific  Colony Counter eCountHeathrow Scientific  Colony Counter eCount    
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Colony counter eCount, incl. marking pen15425127+on demand 
Replacement marking pen125425128+38.77Order