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Batch Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T 80/2-KT Package

Dispersers are recommended for non-mixable materials. With a batch disperser you can disperse within a few minutes which cannot be mixed with a stirrer during several hours. The effect of the IKA® dispersers is based on the rotor stator principle. High peripheral speeds of the rotor provide for the force of gravity which are needed by solid particles resp. fluid drops for crushing. Like this, emulsions and suspensions develop. IKA® offers dispersers for batches of 2 to 500 l with suitable stands and optional accessories.
Ex version. High-performance disperser for production of emulsions and suspensions. For a diagonal or vertical installation into open vessels.
  • For bateches of 500 l (H2O).
  • Approval for operation in ex-zone 1 (2G), temperature class T3 acc. to ATEX 95.

Items supplied:
  • Incl. UTC T 115/4-KT ATEX drive + T 4 dispersing tool and SFH 150 mobile stand.
  • Connection cable is not included in scope of delivery.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:3 x 380 to 420 V / 50 Hz
Motor output:3 kW
Max. viscosity:5000 mPas
Temperature range:0 to 120 °C
Fitting length of shaft tube:965 mm
Speed:3000 min-1
Peripheral speed:15 m / s
Dimensions (W x D x H):250 x 250 x 1353 mm
Weight:45 kg
IKA®  Batch Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T 80/2-KT Package
IKA®  Batch Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T 80/2-KT PackageIKA®  Batch Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T 80/2-KT Package    
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC T 115/4-KT ATEX Package15425893-on demand