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Pure Water Tanks arium® 613AOV

Standard tanks for Reverse Osmosis System arium® 613L.
  • Compact design.
  • High quality components: formed of polyethylene.
  • Fully mounted control unit.
  • Integrated, system-controlled distribution pump.

  • Storage tank for reverse osmosis water.
  • Supply reservoir for ultra pure water systems, autoclaves etc.
Technical Data:
Material reservoir:rotated PE
Pump capacity:3.7 bar, 2 m3 / h
Connection output dimensions (outer thread):¾"
Sartorius  Pure Water Tanks arium® 613AOV
TypeØ x H
input height
output height
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
200 l tank with distribution pump0.51 x 1.551.021.3715425961-on demand 
200 l tank with independent distribution pump0.51 x 1.551.021.3715430513-on demand 
200 l tank without distribution pump0.51 x 1.551.021.3715430514-on demand 
600 l tank with distribution pump0.76 x 1.921.401.7515425962-on demand 
600 l tank with independent distribution pump0.76 x 1.921.401.7515430515-on demand 
600 l tank without distribution pump0.76 x 1.921.401.7515430516-on demand 
1000 l tank with distribution pump1.00 x 1.931.401.7515425963-on demand 
1000 l tank with independent distribution pump1.00 x 1.931.401.7515430517-on demand 
1000 l tank without distribution pump1.00 x 1.931.401.7515430518-on demand