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Bottom Sieves for Cross Beater Mills PULVERISETTE 16

The bottom sieves are made of stainless steel trapezoidal resp. round perforation sheets metal. Larger openings mean faster throughput, less time in the mill and less wear. Bottom sieves with trapezoidal perforation offer an improved size reduction through extra shearing action. Bottom sieves with round perforation are recommended for size reduction of brittle material of medium fineness with smaller grain width band.
Fritsch  Bottom Sieves for Cross Beater Mills PULVERISETTE 16
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Trapezoidal perforation0.1215426046-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation0.215426047-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation0.2515426048-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation0.515426049-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation0.7515426050-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation115426051-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation1.515426052-on demand 
Trapezoidal perforation215426053-on demand 
Round perforation315426054-on demand 
Round perforation415426055-on demand 
Round perforation515426056-on demand 
Round perforation615426057-on demand 
Round perforation815426058-on demand 
Round perforation1015426059-on demand