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Grinding Sets for Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9

Hardened steel for the comminution of brittle, hard samples. Abrasion resistance: good.

Chromium-free tool steel for the comminution of brittle, hard samples. Abrasion resistance: fairly good.

Hardmetal tungsten carbide for the comminution of very hard, abrasive samples. Abrasion resistance: extremely good.

Agate for comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle, fibrous samples. Abrasion resistance: good.

Zirconium oxide for the comminution of medium-hard, brittle, fibrous samples and metal-free grinding. Abrasion resistance: very good. Only suitable for crushing ceramic materials, minerals etc. and never for hard-tough samples such as metals.
Fritsch  Grinding Sets for Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Hardened steel5015426094-1,196.46Order
Hardened steel10015426095-1,466.96Order
Hardened steel25015426096-2,028.78Order
Chromium-free tool steel5015429114-1,290.10Order
Chromium-free tool steel10015429115-1,872.72Order
Chromium-free tool steel25015429116-2,049.59Order
Hardmetal tungsten carbide5015426097-4,889.88Order
Hardmetal tungsten carbide10015426098-7,490.88Order
Hardmetal tungsten carbide25015426099-11,069.86Order
Zirconium oxide5015429117-5,951.09Order
Zirconium oxide10015426102-7,896.64Order
Wheels for vibrating cup mill and pellet press for solid and highly permeable pellets on request.