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Dräger Safety 

Spectacles X-pect 8300

Highest wearer comfort and safety for applications in industry, craft or for private use.
  • Superior quality and ergonomically designed lightweight materials.
  • Certified acc. to EN 166:2001 and CE compliant.
  • Unrestricted field of vision.
  • With UV protection of at least 99 % and an optical class 1 for continuous work.
Safety glasses with anti-scratch- and anti-fog coating. Very robust due to polycarbonate lens.

X-pect 8310 / 8312:
  • Universal nose bridge.
  • Cristal clear finish.
  • Flat temples, comfortable and suitable for any hearing protection or helmet.
  • X-pect 8312: yellow lens offers enhanced contrast in poorly lit conditions.

X-pect 8320 / 8321:
  • Single lens for a large field of vision for high comfort and user acceptance.
  • Soft nose bridge for high wearer comfort even in extreme conditions like warm or cold atmosphere.
  • Flex temples for min. pressure and high wearer comfort.
  • X-pect 8321: grey lens reduces eye fatigue under glare conditions and sunlight.

X-pect 8330:
  • Very good adjustability for every individual face due to invisible ratchet as well as flex and flat temples.
  • Wrap around design for perfect fit and lateral protection.
  • Protection in any position due to molded browguard.

X-pect 8340:
  • Wrap around design for perfect fit and lateral coverage.
  • Large field of vision for high comfort even during intensive use.
  • Soft nose bridge for high wearer comfort even in extreme conditions like warm or cold atmosphere.
  • Angle and length adjustable for comfortable fit for the individual face.
Spectacles X-pect 8300  Dräger
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Spectacle X-pect 8310PCclear24105426192+43.11Order
Spectacle X-pect 8312PCyellow24105426193-43.11Order
Spectacle X-pect 8320PCclear21105426194-54.00Order
Spectacle X-pect 8321PCgrey21105426195-54.00Order
Spectacle X-pect 8330PCclear27105426196-72.00Order
Spectacle X-pect 8340nylonclear27105426197-75.60Order