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Split Tube Furnaces, 1-Zone Design

Chamber furnaces for research and laboratory applications. High-quality materials for high efficiency, reliable operation and long service life. Practice-oriented constructions.
  • Tube diameter up to 300 mm.
  • Split design allows to insert tubes with large flanges.
  • Due to flexible insulation plugs on both ends, the furnace can be easily adapted to different tube diameters.
  • Heating elements embedded in high grade vacuum-formed fibre insulation, for excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Powerful heating and fast heating cycles.
  • Accelerate cooling of furnace and tube by opening hinged casing.
  • Heating elements controlled by solid state relays for very precise temperature control, wear-free and noiseless.
  • Switchgear and control unit integrated in the furnace housing underneath the tube module for comfortable operation of the controller.
Technical Data:
Tmax:1100 °C
Mains supply:230 V
Thermconcept  Split Tube Furnaces, 1-Zone Design
Thermconcept  Split Tube Furnaces, 1-Zone DesignThermconcept  Split Tube Furnaces, 1-Zone Design    
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ROK 70/250/11702501.615426364-on demand 
ROK 70/500/11705002.415426365-on demand 
ROK 100/250/111002502.415426366-on demand 
ROK 100/500/111005003.015426367-on demand 
3-zone design for high temperature uniformity is available on request.