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Tough-Spots® - 196 to + 80 °C

Adhesive labels and spots for cryo vials, centrifuge- and Falcon tubes. Stick without drying out or dropping away to every plastic, even in refrigerators, shakers and mixers, centrifuges and during steam sterilisations. No obstruction by labels when vials and tubes are removed from racks or inserted into centrifuges. Tearproof, to be written on with almost every marker.
Dimensions:Suitable vessels:
9.5 mm Ø0.5 ml tubes
13 mm Ø1.5 ml tubes
4.8 mm Ø0.2 ml tubes
11 mm Ø1.5 ml tubes
19 mm Ø15 to 50 ml tubes
25 mm Ø50 ml tubes
Kleinfeld  Tough-Spots® - 196 to + 80 °C
PackPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
White9.51000 / roll10005426475-37.84Order
Blue9.51000 / roll10005426476-37.84Order
Dark brown9.51000 / roll10005426477-37.84Order
Gold9.51000 / roll10005426478-37.84Order
Green9.51000 / roll10005426479+37.84Order
Purple9.51000 / roll10005426480-37.84Order
Light brown9.51000 / roll10005426481-37.84Order
Orange9.51000 / roll10005426482-37.84Order
Pink9.51000 / roll10005426483+37.84Order
Red9.51000 / roll10005426484-37.84Order
Silver9.51000 / roll10005426485-37.84Order
Yellow9.51000 / roll10005426486+37.84Order
Gold131000 / roll10005193903-34.16Order
White131000 / roll10005426487+37.84Order
Blue131000 / roll10005426488-37.84Order
Dark brown131000 / roll10005426489-37.84Order
Orange131000 / roll10005426490-37.84Order
Green131000 / roll10005426491-37.84Order
Purple131000 / roll10005426492-37.84Order
Light brown131000 / roll10005426493-37.84Order
Pink131000 / roll10005426495-37.84Order
Red131000 / roll10005426496+37.84Order
Silver131000 / roll10005426497-37.84Order
Yellow131000 / roll10005426498+37.84Order
White4.81500 / roll15005426499-63.56Order
White111000 / roll10005426500+37.84Order
White19500 / roll5005426501-42.89Order
White25500 / roll5005426502-42.89Order
White9.55000 / roll50005426503-150.58Order
Assorted9.55000 / roll50005426504-150.58Order
White135000 / roll50005426505-150.58Order
Assorted135000 / roll50005426506-150.58Order
Label station for Tough products / Kleinfeld Labortechnik