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Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® - 196 to + 150 °C

Labels for cryogenic storage, white. Withstand freezer temperatures down to - 196 °C (liquid and vapour phase nitrogen), boiling water baths (100 °C), autoclaving and moderate oven temperatures (150 °C). Chemically inert labels resist most organic solvents and caustic agents. They adhere to most plastics*, glass and metals without cracking, peeling or degrading. Labels are specially top-coated to readily accept laser printing. Heat-resistant, will not jam in laser printers. Made with a flexible, polyolefin label material and acrylic adhesive. This combination results in a strong adhesive bond.

Dispensing box assists in labelling individual tubes used in small experiments. Easy to write on, PVC labels, accept writing from most lab markers.
  • 1000 labels per roll.
Dimensions:Suitable vessels:
24 x 13 mm0.5 ml tubes
33 x 13 mm1.5 to 2.0 ml tubes
38 x 19 mmgeneral applications
Kleinfeld  Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® - 196 to + 150 °C
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
24 x 1315426507-on demand 
33 x 1315426508-42.07Order
38 x 1915426509-42.07Order
* 100 % virgin polypropylene tubes are recommended. Avoid the use of siliconised surfaces.