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Narrow Mouth Bottles, PELD

Flexible, translucent. Economical multi-purpose bottle. With screw cap.
Narrow Mouth Bottles, PELD  BRAND
Ø x H
ThreadPUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
1026 x 50GL 141005427975- on demand 
2031 x 58GL 141005427976- on demand 
3034 x 66GL 141005427977- on demand 
5039 x 85GL 181005427978- 86.46Order
10045 x 106GL 18505427979- 46.22Order
25059 x 140GL 25505427980- 75.95Order
50075 x 180GL 25505427981- 125.06Order
100094 x 212GL 28255427982- 108.73Order
2000117 x 264GL 28255427983- 158.14Order