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Mobile Overshoe Dispenser HYGOMAT®

No electricity needed, simpel and fast handling everywhere. Easy to use.

Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT®
Use for employees and visitors of hotels, businesses, schools, laboratories, offices, catering facilities, hospitals, dairies, construction, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, factories, clean rooms and protected areas.

Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT® Comfort
No need for bending over, with handrail, 4 times faster than manually, window for a quick check of the filling level and refilled within seconds.
  • Capacity for 200 overshoes.
  • Colour: white / grey.

Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT® Cleanroom
Very hygienic, made of st. steel (side and back), therefore easy to clean and best for disinfecting, with rolls on the back - easy and fast rolled to another place. Especially for clean rooms and pharma industry.
  • Capacity for 220 overshoes.
  • Colour: grey.
 Application Hygomat Video
Mensch  Mobile Overshoe Dispenser HYGOMAT®
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT® Comfort740 x 300 x 73017.515429594-478.58Order
Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT® Cleanroom740 x 300 x 73017.515429595-610.09Order
Overshoes for overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT / Mensch