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Accessories for AccuOne and EnergyOne Barrel Pumps

Bürkle  Accessories for AccuOne and EnergyOne Barrel Pumps
Bürkle  Accessories for AccuOne and EnergyOne Barrel PumpsBürkle  Accessories for AccuOne and EnergyOne Barrel Pumps    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Barrel screw joint PPfor R 2", internal steel coarse thread15001368-29.60Order
Barrel screw joint PPfor Mauser 2", internal coarse thread15426731-36.92Order
Barrel screw joint PPfor Tri-Sure®, internal coarse thread15426732-41.58Order
Rechargeable batterywithout charger15426733-116.95Order
Charger 15426734-64.23Order
Power supply unitincl. connector15426735-131.80Order
Drivewithout rechargeable battery / power supply unit15426736-213.65Order
Discharge tube 15426737-20.31Order
Discharge hosewith nozzle15426738-71.44Order
Pump stationimmersion depth 50 cm15426739-132.60Order
Pump stationimmersion depth 70 cm15426740-137.85Order
Pump stationimmersion depth 100 cm15426741-143.00Order