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Pumping Unit Rotavac Vario

Fully controllable stand-alone pumping unit incl. vacuum controller. For all Hei-VAP Value and Hei-VAP Advantage models. Three-stage diaphragm pump is made from chemical-resistant materials. Precise vacuum control avoids bumping and eliminates foaming of evaporation solution.
  • Universal use.
  • 3-tier membrane pump made of chemical-resistant material.
  • Precise vacuum control avoids bumping and eliminates foaming of your evaporation solution.
  • Due to automatic vacuum supply to the process parameters you have more time for important laboratory activities.
  • Can optionally be combined with a condenser.
Technical Data:
Suction capacity:1.7 m3 / h
Min. vacuum:5 mbar
Power input:160 W
Weight:6 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):263 x 193 x 299 mm
Pumping Unit Rotavac Vario  Heidolph
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Pumping unit Rotavac Vario15426818-4,348.87Order