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Varnish- and Welding Respirator cobra foldy FFP2/combi/V

This filtering facepiece protects against slightly toxic and harmful particles as paint and varnish particles, welding fume (up to 12,5 times the NPF value) as well as solvents below Occupational Exposure Limit.
  • Construction of mask in 3D panel design.
  • Foam lined comfort nose zone.
  • Flexible nose clip.
  • With comfortable, cycled harness and unique Comfort-Harness clip.
  • Metal-free band holder-strap.
  • Specially designed for wearer of EKASTU spectacles and goggles.
  • Space saving due to fold ability.
  • Individually packed to avoid contamination during storage.
  • Activated charcoal layer included.
  • With Cool Down exhalation valve for additional comfort.
  • Protection class DIN EN 149:2001 FFP2 NR.
  • In original packaging: 5 years shelf lifetime.
Varnish- and Welding Respirator cobra foldy FFP2/combi/V  EKASTU Safety
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