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Thermo Scientific
Accessories for Heratherm™ Microbiological Incubators

 Microbiological Incubators
TypeDescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIMH60 / IMH60-S15427002-131.33Order
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIMH100 / IMH100-S15427003-161.93Order
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIMH180 / IMH180-S15427004-175.95Order
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIGS6015427012-131.33Order
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIGS10015427013-161.93Order
St. steel perforated shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsIGS18015427014-175.95Order
St. steel perforated shelf-IMC1815427016-43.22Order
Wire mesh shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsOMS60 / OMH60 / OMH60-S15426999-87.59Order
Wire mesh shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsOMS100 / OMH100 / OMH100-S15427000-117.56Order
Wire mesh shelfincl. 2 shelf supportsOMS180 / OMH180 / OMH180-S15427001-147.90Order
Stacking kit-60 l models15427006-161.93Order
Stacking kit-100 l models15427007-192.53Order
Stacking kit-180 l models15427008-221.85Order
Support stand with coasters-60 l models15427009-429.68Order
Support stand with coasters-100 l models15427010-459.00Order
Support stand with coasters-180 l models15427011-516.38Order
Sample sensor-IMH60-S / IMH100-S / IMH180-S15427015-280.50Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 90 mm Ø60 l models15431658-372.30Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 90 mm Ø100 l models15431659-400.35Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 90 mm Ø180 l models15431660-430.95Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 50 mm Ø60 l models15431661-430.95Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 50 mm Ø100 l models15431662-460.28Order
Shelf with holders for Petri dishesincl. 2 shelf supports, 50 mm Ø180 l models15431663-487.05Order
St. steel drip trayincl. 2 shelf supports60 l models15431664-169.58Order
St. steel drip trayincl. 2 shelf supports100 l models15431665-201.45Order
St. steel drip trayincl. 2 shelf supports180 l models15431666-229.50Order
Fresh air particle filter-Advanced Protocol15431670-186.15Order
Silicone free viton sealing60 l models 15431671-430.95Order
Silicone free viton sealing100 l models 15431672-508.73Order
Silicone free viton sealing180 l models 15431673-575.03Order