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Accessories for Rotary Evaporators RV 10 basic / digital / control

HB 10.1 shield for heating bath:
For optimal protection against splashes of hot liquid.
  • Material: PC.

HB 10.2 protective cover for heating bath:
Essential accessory if it is not possible to work in an extractor hood. Protects the user against splashes of hot liquid and in the event of the evaporator flask breaking.
  • Material: PC.

RV 10.4002 magnetic valve laboratory vacuum:
For a single or multiple connection benchtop diaphragm vacuum pump. Accessory required for an existing vacuum.
  • Power: 24 V / 9 W.
IKA®  Accessories for Rotary Evaporators RV 10 basic / digital / control
DescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
HB 10.1 shield for heating bathRV 10 basic / digital / control15427033-on demand 
HB 10.2 protective cover for heating bathRV 10 basic / digital / control15427034-on demand 
RV 10.4002 magnetic valve laboratory vacuumRV 10 control15427032-869.90Order