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Disposable Syringes Omnifix® Solo

Disposable syringes made of PP, 3 pieces. Smooth plunger stopper made of synthetic rubber, latex-free; with double sealing ring. For slow aspiration and injection, especially for dosing small amounts.
  • Safe plunger backstop: easy filling up to max. volume.
  • Highly transparent barrel, high contrast black graduation.
  • Min. remaining volume.
  • Latex-free.
  • PVC-free.
  • Individually packed, sterile.
Disposable Syringes Omnifix® Solo  B.Braun
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
5Luer, eccentric0.201005427816+7.30Order
10Luer, eccentric0.501005427817+10.52Order
20Luer, eccentric1.001005427818+15.80Order
30Luer, eccentric1.001005427819-51.92Order
50Luer, eccentric, max. volume 60 ml1.001005427040-83.60Order
3Luer lock-1005427812+15.66Order
5Luer lock, centric0.201005427813+19.80Order
10Luer lock, centric0.501005427037+22.53Order
20Luer lock, centric1.001005427038+49.28Order
30Luer lock, centric1.001005427814+64.24Order
50lock, centric, max. volumen 60 ml1.001005427039+101.20Order
50catheter hub1.0016081167+1.44Order