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Microsart® @filter 250 Sterile Disposable Filter Units

Microsart® @filter is part of the Microsart® @vance product range. Sterile and ready to use units, combine a funnel and a gridded membrane filter. For the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, beverages, water and other liquids. For microbiological analyses based on colony count determination.
  • Microsart® @filter 100: for sample volumes up to 100 ml.
  • Microsart® @filter 250: for larger sample sizes up to 250 ml.
  • Marked graduations allow accurate sample volumes.
  • Optimal sealing to the Microsart® Base 47 mm is guaranteed by the Click-Fit closure.
  • Only a few steps from taking the sample until incubation.
  • Reliable results and simple, time-saving handling.
  • Meet the most stringent quality assurance standards.
  • Sterile packaged: sterilisation at the point of use is not required.
  • Fully disposable base and funnel: preparation- and sterilisation-free procedure reduces the risk of secondary contamination.
  • No liquid remains after filtration, eliminates the need of rinsing.
Funnel / base:PP
Membrane filter:cellulose nitrate, regenerised cellulose
Filter Ø:47 mm
Pre-filter Ø:40 mm (only analysis of particles)
Filtration area:13.2 cm2
Max. operation pressure:only vacuum
Sterilisation:ethylene oxide
Batch certificate:recovery rate, sterility and performance test
For use in clean benches or with Microsart® funnels, alternatively.
Technical Data:
Capacity:250 ml
Graduation marks:at 50, 100, 200 and 250 ml
Microsart® @filter 250 Sterile Disposable Filter Units  Sartorius
Pore size
Type of
Colour of
filter / grid
ForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
0.2in trayswhite / blacksterile clean benches165427158-66.00Order
0.45in trayswhite / blacksterile clean benches165427159-66.00Order
0.45in traysgrey / whitesterile clean benches165427160-66.00Order
0.45in traysgreen / dark greensterile clean benches165427161-66.00Order
0.65in traysgrey / whitesterile clean benches165427162-66.00Order
0.2in bagswhite / blackfunnels485427168-175.12Order
0.45in bagswhite / blackfunnels485427169-175.12Order
0.45in bagsgrey / whitefunnels485427170-175.12Order
0.45in bagsgreen / dark greenfunnels485427171-175.12Order
0.65in bagsgrey / whitefunnels485427172-175.12Order