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Accessories for Diluter and Dispenser ML 600 Series

Accessories for Diluter and Dispenser ML 600 Series  HAMILTON
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Concorde hand probe15427203-237.74Order
Luer lock conversation kit15427204-108.95Order
Dual push button hand probe15427205-730.91Order
Large volume disposable tip hand probe 1 to 5 ml15427210-1,384.21Order
5 ml disposable tips2505427211-84.78Order
Foot switch15427212-196.49Order
Disposable tip hand probe tubing kit15436561-119.76Order
Disposable tip hand probe O-ring kit15436562-47.35Order
Tip hand probe for ClickSure tips15436563-620.19Order
ClickSure tips 50 μl, racked, standard965436565-106.49Order
ClickSure tips 1000 μl, racked, standard965436567-106.54Order
ClickSure tips 50 μl, bulk, standard9605436568-66.02Order
ClickSure tips 1000 μl, bulk, sterile9605436570-50.20Order
Cabel management system15436572-132.62Order
Microlab 600 display15436573-2,437.75Order
200 μl disposable tips bulk10005427208-on demand 
300 μl disposable tips rack4805427209-on demand 
Disposable tip hand probe 1 to 35 μl15427206-on demand 
Disposable tip hand probe 1 to 125 μl15427207-on demand